Individual or shared audit

All audits can be ordered individually or performed as shared audits. As part of an individual audit on your behalf, we can look at many individual details and structures to suit your requirements. Shared audits allow you to share the costs but still benefit from customised questions.

Shared audit programme

As a partner within our shared audit programme, you will derive particular benefits from the effective organisation of our shared audits:

  • Reasonably priced thanks to effective cost-sharing.
  • Low fixed costs – complete
  • Personalised reports and customised questions for each partner.
  • High quality: at least two auditors per audit.
  • Easier for all involved: the subject of the audit, auditors, partners and customers.
  • Neutral, independent audit teams.

How does the shared audit programme work?

Phase I – data collection:

  • The partner informs pharmaplace when and which audits need to be performed for the partner in the long term.
  • Partner data is collected and synchronised.
  • If there are overlaps, shared audits are offered and a pharmaplace audit plan created on this basis.
  • The partners are free to decide whether to participate in the offered audit.

Phase II – Auditing:

  • The audits are organised on behalf of the participating partner, focusing on the partner’s products. Each partner is given the option to include customised questions.
  • The audit is performed on-site by at least 2 auditors.
  • Each partner receives an audit report that is tailored specifically to its requirements and products.
  • Post-processing is part of the audit: A CAPA plan is prepared and assessed, with critical and serious defects being monitored until the plan is implemented.

Phase III – Synchronisation:

  • The programme is long-term in nature and the partners should be put on a synchronous audit cycle during performance of the audits, in order to reduce costs in the long term and to increase quality.