We are intimately acquainted with the mentality and particularities of the North- and South-American markets.

Our home is in Europe, and this is where the bulk of our contracts are based, with 50 audits per year.

Whether in the Middle East, Turkey or Israel, our customers also value our cultural experience.

With over 20 audits a year, we are also very familiar with the challenges that arise in India.

Our Shanghai office helps keep us especially close to the Chinese market. In recent years, we have been performing around 20 audits per year.

From our location in China, we also travel to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other East Asian countries, performing up to 15 audits per year.

We are also acutely aware of the circumstances on the other side of the world. We can also offer virtual or remote audits in order to avoid travel costs.

pharmaplace location in Europe:

Audits in Europe and all over the world are organised from our headquarters at the heart of Berlin. Our permanently employed auditors and the Audit Programme Management (APM) are responsible for implementing the programme and organising the over-600 audits we have performed to date.

pharmaplace location in Asia:

pharmaplace established a German auditing team in China as early as 2005. This partner company, which is under German management, organises and undertakes audits all over South and East Asia for pharmaceutical companies in Germany and all over the globe. This helps minimise travel costs and ensures cultural understanding.